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Accomplish more without doing more.


With so many different options out there, it is hard to know where to invest your time and money to make you the most efficient agent you can be. We have spent years customizing and perfecting everything to create the organized, automated systems that we use day-to-day. We did the hard work so you don’t have to!

Angie Murto | Director of Sales and Operations Found Properties Group

Just for You

Our CRM system is not just specific to real estate agents, but for OUR agents! We have painstakingly gone through each and every detail to ensure that you can easily use this platform and keep up with your tasks and client communication so that nothing slips through the cracks!

Database Management

We understand that your database is the most important part of your business. From the second a lead arrives in our CRM, to post-close follow-up, the intuitive interface makes it easy to manage the entire client lifecycle.

Cohesive Structure

Hard work pays off…since we have taken the time to customize and build our systems to suit our team, we have the most efficient and effective tools. Our power dialer allows our agents to contact more qualified prospects in less time, using lists that were created using data analytics.

Instant In-Depth Reporting

We like to inspect what we expect! It is extremely important to track progress and measure results. Our systems provide detailed reports and allow you to see where you are tracking towards your goals at any given moment.  Knowing where you are at in your business is key to making the right decisions.  Our platform provides on demand reporting in every facet of an agents business so that they know exactly were they are at in any given moment.

Custom Training Website

We’ve created our own website that is a one-stop shop for all of our education and training needs. Have a question about writing a contract? A template and video with step-by-step details are there! Want to find the best script for calling on an Expired Listing it’s there!


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