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I’ve been working with Dewey Golub and the Found Properties Group now for about 6 yrs, just as long as I had practiced real estate as a solo agent, so I have a good feel for both avenues.  I can surely say that my work life has improved greatly since being on this team, in turn improving the quality of my personal life.  FPG strives to help their agents have a healthy balance (often rare in this business).  Aligning myself with Dewey, with X+ years of experience in many shifting markets, who has an incredibly vast knowledge of Charleston construction, residential and commercial real estate, as well as deep connections and strategic partnerships in our community, has helped me grow my business faster and steadier than I could have done alone.  Every single one of our support staff was hired because they are driven to excel.  They are simply the best at what they do, and go out of their way to provide every one of our clients with an exceptional experience and outstanding customer service.  The question every day is how can we improve our efficiency, our service, our systems, etc. There is great consideration given to selecting members to expand our team.  We support each other, we grow together, we share ideas and positive energy and we truly enjoy working with each other.  I am proud and happy to call my FPG peeps not just my teammates, but friends.  They make it a place where you want to come to work every day.  
Diane Leisner-Hone

Found Properties Group Agent, Charleston, SC

I’ve been lucky enough to call Found Properties Group my work family since the beginning of 2015. Prior to joining the team, I was a solo agent. And while I did ok on my own, joining the team was what brought my business to the next level. I think so often agents are hesitant to join a team because they focus on the split they have when joining a team. But what ended up happening for me was that my average price point went up, the number of transactions I was closing tripled, and my income also went up drastically after I joined the team. Above and beyond what I would have been able to achieve as a solo agent while still maintaining a personal life. The split is not something I ever think about any more because I see the value in what that brings to my business on a daily basis.
Being on a team means having the support of a contract to close person and a marketing person. So I’m spending less time on those tasks which frees up more time for me to focus on working with my clients and earning new business. One of the reasons I was drawn to FPG is because of what I saw in Dewey. He’s extremely knowledgeable, has great local connections, but above all else, he really cares about the team and our success. Dewey and Angie have an eye for talent and have hired some of the most incredible people to join our team to better support our agents. Dewey also lives by the motto that we work to live, not live to work. So while we all do work incredible hard at our jobs, I think we all have a pretty balanced work/home life as well. And being on the team makes that possible. I can go on vacation and not worry about who will take care of my clients because the team has it under control. I could go on and on about why joining FPG was the right decision for me. But I think once you meet the team and see the systems they’ve created, you’ll see first hand why I chose to join and why I choose to stay after all these years. 
Jennifer Schultz

Found Properties Group Agent, Kailua, Hawaii

Why join a team? For me the choice was a no-brainer. Leads, systems, accountability but more than that, finding a work family that would support me through the roller coaster of emotions we call real estate. With a team you have built-in mentors, someone to help guide you through the process and people who will inspire and motivate you on the days when you just don’t feel like picking up the phone.

What makes FPG special or different? Our team principal, Dewey Golub, has been in real estate for about 15 years in Charleston and he makes it his number one priority to network and connect with people who can provide our team with unique opportunities in the real estate world to allow him to deliver on his promises to each of us. Our Director of Sales and Operations, Angie Murto, is one of the best in the business; implementing systems, constantly looking for ways to improve our team and working together to help you achieve your goals. I could go on-and-on about our administrative team and agents but I 100% believe that I have found my home with Found Properties Group.

You might think joining a team and splitting a commission doesn’t align with your goals, but I will tell you that our team as a whole provides exponentially more to each of its agents than any dollar amount could ever afford you. Found Properties Group is truly invested in helping me, and our entire team become the best agents, providing the best customer service to our clients and ultimately becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Madison Byron

Found Properties Group agent, Charleston, SC


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